About Us

Portland Homes & Commercial Properties

The PH&C philosophy on property management

  • We acknowledge that in every property management situation there are two customers: the owner and the tenant—both with unique goals, objectives and needs. We consistently work to address both customers, and create win-win scenarios.
  • We help the property owner with both short and long term objectives. Focusing on growth, stability and perhaps eventually an exit plan. PH&C is the operations arm of your business dealing with all the day-to-day issues that may occur.
  • PH&C realizes that a potential tenant does not want to feel like they are a visitor in someone else’s home, or office. As the property manager, we play a role in making every space feel like home. We treat every tenant with respect, and strive to be responsive to every need.

We belive the core of our success with both owners and tenants is Communication, Execution, and Follow-up.

PH&C is committed to being the best option for property management in the Portland area—for both owners and tenants. If you would like more information about how we can serve you or the properties we currently have available, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.